Located: #4 5723 176 Street, Surrey BC (Right across the street from The Henry)

MAHAL KITA (expression.) I love you.

MAHAL KITA (expression.) I love you.

We brought it back and it’s here to stay, MAHAL KITA is a springy scent full of citrus with a hint of floral.

MAHAL KITA is made with base notes of grapefruit and accents of jasmine and neroli. This fun scent is sure to brighten up the room and bring a smile to your face!

Made with grapefruit, jasmine and neroli.

All of our candles are hand poured in Vancouver, B.C. We use all natural products that include 100% soy wax, lead/zinc free cotton wicks, organic and phthalate free essential oils + fragrance oils, organic dried flowers, and recyclable glass jars + containers.
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