FIRMA Surgical Grade 2 Layer Face Mask (Adjustable)
FIRMA Surgical Grade 2 Layer Face Mask (Adjustable)

FIRMA Surgical Grade 2 Layer Face Mask (Adjustable)

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We have added a few features in light of the Health Canada recommendations that
have recently been released, so we now have a ASTM certified double-layer mask
available for purchase alongside our single layer non-medical mask.

You must hand wash these masks separate 2X for color run off.

New features include:

1. Double layer mask (as per Health Canada’s recommendation)

-Includes access to include a filtration layer and make the mask a 3-ply

2. ASTM Level 2 Certification as a Surgical-grade Face Mask

- Tested and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials
as a PPE-level Surgical Mask

-  Save money on disposables and reduce ecological impact by reducing
or eliminating the need for disposable PPE products

3. Adjustable ear loops

- Adjustable straps allow for better fit, and as a ‘one size’ option to fit a
wide range of people.
- Wearers can find their ear loop size and then tie the adjustable strap to
the loop on the mask, making it a perfect fit every time.

4. Necklace-tie behind the neck

- Allows the mask to hang like a necklace when not on the face, lowering
chance of contamination. The necklace tie can also be removed (cut
off) once the ear loop length is set if you prefer not to have it, making
it like our regular single-layer mask.

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